Consulsea is a Danish company who address smaller, medium and big size companies providing them machines and solutions by emerging know-how in fish processing with cost effective and high-quality equipment and solutions.

Projecting & Optimization

We are small dynamic company, providing comprehensive service focusing on the customer needs

Henrik Jensen –is the owner of Consulsea and has broad experiences within Salmon processing, and almost 20 years’ experience in fish processing machinery trading, working for world leading food processing machines manufacturers supplying whole processing lines and factories in Salmon.

The task can be from:

  • Optimization of existing facilities to complete new factories. We coordinate vendors, follow the equipment through production and testing, preparing arrival, installation and training.
  • Investigate in house competencies and assist during recruitment of new qualified human resources. Consulsea acknowledge the importance of maintaining strict control during project implementation as many unnecessary technical mistakes, disputes and budget surprises could be avoided.
  • Contract design and flawless documentation is necessary before, during and after the project is completed. Consulsea can help define, design and negotiate the purchase of individual machines or equipment within a larger project. Coordination of vendors is necessary to settle interfaces and ensure smooth install.

Implementation is a critical phase of all projects and here Consulsea will act as sparring partner providing proper inhouse knowledge Preparation of install with careful planning of internal and external resources.

Being neutral, capable and with all available options at hand – make us incomparable and probably some of the best designers of good processing solutions.

Sales and Market Development

Consulsea helps you improve your performance in a selected market – and if you don’t sell to our nearest and largest markets  yet – then I’ll help you get the best possible start.

I can be the active player who can help solve specific tasks in the market for a period.

I have many years of experience in creating results in technical sales, have a large network in different markets.

How do we work?

Cooperation with Consulsea depends entirely on the situation. It can be for a short period of time to obtain market information, or for a longer period as an active player in the sales work until the company’s own employees take over. Our starting point is always where you are:

  • You are in one or more selected markets.
  • You would like to get started in one or more selected markets.

We focus on what you want and agree on what it takes to solve the task and decide for the process.

The action plan is typically updated as you gain experience and feedback from the market.

You're good to go

Many exporters are not getting the results they expected

But why? We focus on this in a talk about the experiences you have made and a thorough review of your setup:

  • Are we using the right distribution channels?
  • Are we getting enough out of our negotiators?
  • Do we approach sales work in the right way, and are the salespeople equipped for the task?

Based on a joint analysis of the situation, we agree on a plan for moving forward.

Below are some typical issues:

  • How do we get our dealer to sell more?
  • You sell directly, but the results don’t come.

You want to get started

The first step i to find out if there is even a market for your product the market.

Perhaps customers in the market demand completely different product features – or the competition is so fierce – that it would be better to focus on other markets.

I can help assess the potential of your product on the market. It can be anything from a small desk-research to a complete market analysis, which will usually involve one or more trips to the market to get feedback from potential customers and dealers.

The next step towards the market is to decide whether you want to sell directly or through a dealer – and consider how to find a good dealer

  • Distribution channel selection
  • How do we find a good dealer?


Examples of tasks:

  • Sparring about your situation in a selected technology – what results have you achieved, and can we do even better?
  • Distribution channel evaluation – do we have the right dealer and how can we get him to sell more?
  • Conduct “customer satisfaction analysis” with feed-back report to the company.
  • Evaluation of sales setup with suggestions for competency development process.
  • Market analysis – assessment of potential and proposed action plan.
  • Searching for reseller/leads.
  • Contact to potential reseller/prospects by phone/teleconference.
  • Visit to potential dealers/prospects and make a company presentation.
  • Visit exhibition/exhibit on behalf of the company.
  • Temporary reinforcement of the sales department.
  • Searching for locally employed seller.

Who am I?

Consulsea Aps has started after 25 years of experience with export to Europe. I have worked within primarily Technical sales within BtB sales in various industries.

I have sold to a number of different types of customers, including directly to end users, to OEM customers, to resellers and to government and NGOs.

I have particular experience with start-up of exports and have particularly good experiences with the European market, where I worked for some years.

I work with other consultants in areas where I do not have special competence, for example within recruitment.

Henrik Jensen

Owner of Consulsea

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